Pi-hole DNS Server Installation Guide on Raspian and Ubuntu

Pi-Hole is a Network Wide protection system that helps to block the ads and improves network performance.

You can see the statistics using the web interface.

Step by Step Tutorial of Pi-Hole Installation

Setting up Pi-hole is very simple. inThis guide will help you to install Pi-Hole on any device. Look at the specific section to install Pi-hole on your device.

Pi-Hole on Raspberry PI

The Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular single-board computers. For learning various technologies especially in schools. Raspberry PI for Children is considered as a must tool these days.

But you can use this for various experiments too.

I have been using Raspberry Pi at my Home Lab for many years. Bet it installing Windows 10 or any other operating Sytem.

Installing Pihole on Raspberry pi is very simple. Just follow below steps to install on Raspberry Pi, (Pi3, Pi4 or PiZero)

  • To get ready you first need to isntall Install Raspbian and to Install you can follow Raspberry Pi Guide
  • Boot the Raspberry pi and login to the Terminal with Default user ID : pi and password : raspberry
  • Configure Raspberry PI by using below command
  • Assign the Static IP Address to Ubuntu Server by going into the configuration as below
sudo nano /etc/dhcpcd.conf
  • Finally Install Pi-Hole using below command
curl -sSL <https://install.pi-hole.net> | bash

Pi-Hole on Ubuntu Server

Once you install Ubuntu Server just use the below command to quickly install the pihole.

curl -sSL https://install.pi-hole.net | bash

Pi-Hole on Docker

How to Upgrade PiHole

Simply check which version is available and which version is latest. You can run below command to check the pihole version.

pihole version

If an update is available now you might run the below command

pihole -up

alternatively, you can also use the below command to update pihole.

pihole updatePihole

Once you run the command again

pihole version

You will get below output which means that pihole is up to date.

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