How to Install Ubuntu 22.04 Server // Latest Guide

Ubuntu 22.04 has come with various changes, before installing ubuntu 22.04 let us first see what are the changes;

What is new in Ubuntu 22.04 Server

The version is Ubuntu 22.04 LTS has various new features considering how technology has evolved Ubuntu has also evolved. Let us list few new features;

  • Installation Image – You don’t really need to download and Install the Ubuntu on Cloud, images are available in Google Cloud Platform, Azure, AWS, and many other well-known cloud vendors.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is also growing so Image for OCI is also available.
  • Open SSL 3.0 to have secure communication.
  • Smart NIC support is now available in Net plans which makes it better in terms of network acceleration.
  • Ubuntu 22.04 Server runs on all major architectures.
  • Ubuntu 22.04 uses the latest long-term Linux kernel 5.5
  • The latest Package updates include QEMU 6.2, Libvirt 8, pho 8.1, ruby 3.0, GCC 11.2, Python 3.10.1, MySq8, OpenLDAP 2.5, Samba 4.5

Hardware / VM Specifications

Ubuntu 22.04 System Requirements / Hardware Specifications

  • CPU – 2 Core
  • RAM – 4GB or more
  • Disk – Minimum 25GB
  • Installation Media
  • Stable Internet Connection for Update

How to Install Ubuntu 22.04 Server

Download ubuntu 22.04 and make the installation media, either burn it to DVD or make USB media. Once done boot your system with installation media and follow the wizard.

Watch Full Tutorial of Review and Install Ubuntu 22.04 Server

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