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Tiny ERP is now OpenERP and is Opensource

Tiny ERP is now OpenERP and is Opensource

Fabien Pinckaers  mentioned that TinyERP development started in and his concern was to change the enterprise world. He bought a domain named when he thought to fight with SAP in 2006.

He mentioned that I put it on hold for 6 years, waiting for the right moment to use it. I thought it would take 3 years to deprecate a 77 billion dollars company just because open source is so cool. Sometimes it’s better for your self-motivation not to face reality.

Success doesn’t come in 1 year, he worked more than 13 hours a day for 7 days a week. Suffered a lot in his life.  And TinyERP was discovered.

His dream was to make it big and TinyERP became openERP. It took 4 years to develop various features and today the openERP has various features.

OpenERP is an impressive software system, being simple to use and yet providing great benefits in helping you manage your company. It’s easy to install under both Windows and Linux compared with other enterprise-scale systems, and offers unmatched functionality.

Update in 2020 :
TinyERP became OpenERP which is today called oodoo

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