OpenERP Implementation

OpenERP is an open source ERP. When talking about Enterprise Resource Planning Software. ERP is most of the times expensive solution for the companies, where companies spend million of dollars to get the right ERP implemented.

But still most of the companies fail. But opensource ERPs provide companies to choice. Opensource ERP is License free, it means companies have not to pay for the software but if companies have good IT Skills they can get it implemented free of cost.

But if any customization is needed then only they need to go for the paid customization through the ERP Partners like openERP has many partners around the world. 

What is OpenERP?

CEO Fabien Pinckaers in 2005. Fabien’s vision was that Open Source provided a better way to meet customers’ expectations. The above photo was taken during our partners and community days. So when we mean about us we mean about all of us.

Open ERP is an impressive software system, being simple to use and yet providing great benefits in
helping you manage your company. It’s easy to install under both Windows and Linux compared with
other enterprise-scale systems, and offers unmatched functionality.
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