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Fedena Manage Your School or Campus for Free

Fedena Manage Your School or Campus for Free

Fedena is being developed by a team of enthusiastic developers at Foradian Technologies Pvt Ltd. Foradian is an internet engineering company focusing on web application development, web design, logo design, brand identity and packaging design. 

  • Fedena is an open source school/campus management system developed by people like you! It is a one stop solution for all school management related issues and helps you manage student databases and all other activities online.
  • Fedena is the ideal solution for schools and universities that want an easy means to manage all campus records. If you are a school/campus administrator, contact us and we will set up a free account for your institution.
  • Fedena is an open source software, which means that you don’t have to pay anything to use the basic system. There are many more reasons for you to use Fedena. Scroll down to read more about the features Fedena offers.
  • Fedena gives you complete control over how you want to manage your school’s databases and provides many tools to organize its activities.
  • Fedena is developed on the powerful Ruby on Rails framework and gives us an excellent framework on which we can provide you with a very stable and reliable product.
  • With fedena there is no need of any extra hardware or technical maintenance staff. All you need is a pc with internet connection. Even a mobile phone with GPRS will work.
  • The Fedena team is available 24/7 to help you whenever you encounter a problem or have a question about Fedena.
  • Fedena’s code is freely available so that the passionate community of open source enthusiasts can help improve it.
  • With our dedicated SMS gateway, Fedena can always communicate with you via SMS and email. You can configure Fedena to alert you of any kind of changes within the ERP.

What They say?? Before starting Foradian, we were a team of highly successful freelancers helping each other in various projects. We have been active in the internet engineering field for almost a decade now and in 2008, we decided to start Foradian. For more information about Foradian, visit the official site. Fedena is a step towards realizing our dream of creating a software that would help society easily manage its educational institutions. All of us have gone through the process of gaining education in schools and universities. Our dream is to utilize the power of internet and technology to help these institutions simplify this process. Team fedena consists of highly talented software developers specialized in ruby on rails, user interface design and internet engineering. We follow agile software development method for the quick and efficient delivery of new releases and patches.

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