Reverse Image Search 2020 learn all about it

Reverse Image Search has gained popularity recently, when google started it Google. Which means you can instantly find similar photos on Google Search Engine.

Revese image search technique is also used by various companies. For instance, world’s most popular ecommerce company alibaba has been using it. Their app, aliexpress has been has also been using this feature.

Where, one can search the product by taking the photograph using camera or can upload from library. Where app will find the similar products from aliexpress store. Result is great.

This is not a new tool, but AI has added power to it. Google introduced this feature in its image search engine long ago. So let us know what is in this.

Searching Images

Once you open google images or you can type

reverse image search

Why searching image in reverse is Important?

Fact finding is possible with this tool. Sometimes people post fake images. you can even look for the source of image by doing reverse search.

Journalists can take the benefit of this at large scale. I used this option in 2015 when looking for the Logo whether the logo is unique or not.

Similarly you can search for a flower , a plat where you don’t know the name, you upload to google it will give you all the details of this.

Now AI and Big data is helping to know more about various this. This is small tool but very powerful.

This feature is available and is accessible to almost all platforms android, ios etc.

Many other companies using for commercial purposes for finding products and the details withing the business application.

Here is a short video that will explain you how can you make use of this option on google search engine.

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