Chromecast vs Amazon Fire Stick : 5 Key reasons to chose 1

Chomecast vs Amazon Fire Stick, let us have a look at both of them. Both are most popular devices as home entertainment / internet streaming devices.

Both the devices can be plugged into your TV HDMI’s port and then you can use can access to many entertainment applications and through these application you can enjoy various streaming services like Netflix, youtube etc on your TV . You can watch the Movies, TV Shows, Music, Games, Photos.

Not just content from the internet but from your local area network or from your connected devices. Which means you can stream your the content from your phone directly to your TV screen using these both devices.

Mirroring your Smartphone or is also possible using both of the devices and then you can project your computer screen wirelessly to these both devices.

Now when the device have similar features then what are the differences? Here are some key technical differences and difference in some main features. But we have made a comparison in very transparent way, so that you can judge by yourself what exactly is fit for your need and purpose.

Chromecast vs Amazon Fire Stick : Comparison

Here are Five key comparisons between and Amazon Fire Stick is here;

1. Online Streaming Services

Amazon fire stick and Chromecast support a large number of hosted channel apps including Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Now, Crackle, Showtime, YouTube, iHeartRadio, Plex, Spotify, and many more.

Chromecast can additionally connect to google photos spmoothly and then your social media apps like Facebook.

Amazon Prime videos are now also available on chrome cast which gives plus points to chrome cast.

2. Smartphone Screen Mirroring

Chromecast is a native hardware for Android devices, thus screen mirroring and control is much better on Chromecast. Not just android, but iOS also connect seamlessly.

On the other hand some users complaint that Fire Stick’s mirroring feature malfunctions, and the error contantly occurs.

Even if connected Fire TV Stick mirrored screen flickers and freezes. So user needs workaround to fix the problem in order to mirror the screen.

3. Remote Control

Chromecast doesn’t come with remote, Your phone is in fact the remote of your TV and it might seem weired but this very user friendly and this is the main reason of the popularirty of chromecast over Amazon Fire Stick.

Google Home which is native app in Playstore or iOS makes the connection and control seamless.

What if your smart phone is being charged in another room? You can still use your TV remote to control your chromecast.

4. Membership

There is no monthly membership required for both the devices. All the free applications are available to both the devices.

However, to watch subscription-based apps like Netflix or Hulu, you’ll need to pay for them separately.

Now the difference here is the pricing. If you are Prime TV member then you get discount on Amazon Fire Stick which is mentioned in price comparison.

ProductPricePrice DateBuy from Amazon
Amazon FirestickUSD 49.9926/06/2020Click Here to Buy
MiracastUSD 27.9926/06/2020Click Here to Buy
AnyCastUSD 22.6926/06/2020Click Here to Buy
picK-meUSD 19.7326/06/2020Click Here to Buy
These are my recommended products, you can buy from Amazon. I have tested them all.

5. Price comparison

There are two models of  Chromecast. HD model and 4K Model. Which cost US $ 35 and US $ 70 Respectively. The Chromecast Ultra which is 4K Model uses HDR Color technology.

On the Other Hand Amazon Firestick Costs for regular device whcih is 1080P HD is US $ 39.99 however as Amazon Prime Members get discount of US $ 25. And its 4K Device with Ultra HD costs USD $49.99

I have tried to make a transparent comparison of both devices, I have used both the devices but I must say Chromecast is Universal. It support various applications.

Amzon Fire Stick is durable and unique.

Now which one to chose is your decision. If you just want to watch high quality video and do online streaming then You can go for anyone one of them. But if you are a tech savvy then try Chromecast because you will be able to do many experiments.

Chromecast vs Amazon Fire Stick both are not similar devices. Chromecast has more features than Amazon’s Fire Stick.

There is another way to use All these apps Using KODI and you can configure KODI on your raspberry PI Device.

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