10 Most Popular Media Players for TV

In this age of technology when Internet is almost at every home not just the traditional Internet but high speed internet. Now, concept of traditional TV experience is changing rapidly. Now you are not time bound.

Video On Demand or VOD is not a new concept anymore. Plenty of Media Player devices are now avaialble with various features that allow you to connect your external hard disk or flash disk. Where you can play media either directly from them or steam the video from the internet.

You can watch your TV program live or download it to watch later. Youtube Videos are also one of the major source of online videos now the Media Player Devices are coming with the functionality.

With various features, even many satellite receivers are having built in features of Media players these days. Your favorite Satellite TV videos can also be stored directly on hard drive using the features avaialble.

All the media formats like mkv, vob, mov, mp4, mp3, avi etc help you to play directly on the device or you can copy iso file also it play ISO DVD and VCD .

Here is the List of 10 famous media players

This list might not remain same with the passage of time, but right now the best that are as per my knowledge are below;

  1. WD – WD has provided different models WDTV, WDTV LIVE, WD TV Live Plus.
  2. iomega – Screen Play direct media player, even 3D movies are also supported by this device.
  3. D-LINK – Wireless HD Media Player
  4. Popcorn Hour
  5. Dune Smart
  7. Sage Sage TV
  8. Micca Mplay HD
  9. Novatron HD
  10. Acryn Play on

but above are most popular brands and devices, Now in future every control will be on your screen……

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