How to Install ERPNext on Ubuntu 18.04

First Install Ubuntu Server from Blow provided link

ERPNext Easy Install

To install ERPNext using the Easy Install using script can be done in following 3 steps

Install Python Essential Tools.

on the ubuntu server using the below commands;

apt install python3-minimal build-essential python3-setuptools

This will prompt for root password and will ask for the confirmation to install

Download Install Script

Now type the below command, it will download the installation script.


this will download the script in current path.

Install ERPNext using Install Script

Type below command, this will install frappe ERPNext

python3 --production

The script will automatically install all the required modules, applications, etc. You will be promoted to create MySql credentials for Frappe/ERP instance. These credentials will be saved in root directory or home directory as passwords.txt

When the setup is complete, you will be able to access the system at http://<your-server-ip>, wherein you can use the administrator password to login. Default user credentials for ERPNext is as below

User ID : Administrator

Password : admin


In case the setup fails, the log file is saved under /tmp/logs/install_bench.log.

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