Cloud Based Server for Small Business is affordable in 2021

As small businesses don’t run many IT Operations. Or they don’t have many services to host. Therefore, they don’t’ need to go for complete cloud infrastructure. But at the same time Small businesses want to have the flexibility of their small IT operations.

You can have a a bare metal dedicated Server with Intel processor on cloud with an option of Managed or Unmanaged by the Service provider.

A2 Hosting Bare Metal Dedicated Server Launch

Cloud Based Server for Small Business

There are many vendors providing dedicated servers. Depending upon your location and your requirement you can chose one. Below is my recommendation.

With data transfer at higher rate you can chose any operating system. Linux or windows. In both above servers you will get 2TB of Storage with 16GB Ram and 4 Core of Processors. The data transfer monthly will be 10TB which is more than enough for Small Businesses.

If you are looking for only Web Hosting for small businesses then you can chose the link below where you get various web hosting plans.

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