Best Open Source Project Management Software

There is various commercial Project Management software, but I have always been advocating open source projects. As a PMP I have always been considering using open source Project Management Software. I explored dozens of available software, but none of the software worked great for me. But, last year I found one of the best software. In this article, I will explain why it is the best and why I recommend it.

Project Management Standards

PMI Project Management standards are considered to be the standard across the globe. PMI does not only standardise Project Management but program management and portfolio management too. When it comes to managing projects, there are hundreds of commercial software available. But most of them don’t address Project Portfolio Management.

Project Portfolio Management

When it comes to managing projects, companies Manage multiple projects at the same time. Similar projects come under a program called project program management and multiple programs and other projects together make a company project portfolio. Where the company’s investment in terms of the entire project landscape needs to be monitored. That is why software for Project Portfolio is recommended which can help any organization to manage the Project, Program and Portfolio at the same time.

Open PPM is in fact Project Portfolio Management, which is best in my opinion.

Open Source Project Portfolio Management Software

One of the best open-source project portfolio management software is called Open PPM. OpenPPM is a project and program management open-source tool, this software complies with the PMBOK®(Project Management Body of Knowledge) which is the standard for project management today across the globe.

Reports by Open PPM

There are various that you can generate in real-time from the software. Most popular reports are to track and monitor project progress instantly, so EVM (Earned Value Management) is possible in real-time, there are other reports norms like ISO21500.

Open PPM Software License

Open PPM is open-source software that is distributed under GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3), anyone can download and use the solution for free without having any risk of paying huge money to software vendors.

Open PPM Software Support

Syncbricks provides technical and business support on Open PPM by Talalia OPEN PPM . We don’t provide face to face support but we can help you in installation, testing and general software training

Open PPM Software Key Features

Open PPM helps your organization to manage the following aspects of the Project Portfolio

  • Investment Portfolio and Project Management
  • Risk, Changes, and KPI’s Management
  • Information Intelligence Center
  • Designed by and for Project Managers
  • Oriented to PMI and ISO Standards

How to get Open PPM

Open PPM can be downloaded from the Source Forge Websites but if you want to install ready-made appliance which is in OVA format, you can download and install in Oracle Virtual Box or Proxmox.

How to Install Open Source Project Management Software (Open PPM)

There are two methods of installation, if you want a ready-made appliance, then I must say I have provided step by step video to install Open PPM Virtual Appliance in Proxomox or you can use Oracle Virtual box, otherwise, if you want to install everything by yourself then you need to do the customized installation.

  • Easy Installation
  • Customized Installation

Let us see both the installations step by step

Easy Installation

Non-technical users can deploy the VM which is available. Click here to download.

Watch Video on my youtube channel for step by step Easy Installation

In this video I have explained what Open PPM is all about and the Installation on Oracle Virtual Box

In the below video, I have installed Open PPM on Proxmox Virtual Environment which is Open Source.

Customized Installation

You will need the following for the Customized Installation;

I will recommend to take professional support from Talaia for Installation and Configuration and Customization.

I have also done the custom installation, watch Video on my Youtube Channel for Step by Step Customized Installation.

About Talaia Open PPM

TALAIA OpenPPM team followed PMBOK standards and asked programmers, architects, program managers and top management to tell them their needs and concerns so they could build a software that would provide a global vision with real-time information. So the software Open PPM is an outcome of their efforts.

For any doubt, suggestions or simply want to know more about TALAIA OpenPPM, please visit their website for more details.

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