Untangle Hardware Requirements

When it comes to Installing Untangle or getting untangle, you have both the choices. You can buy from Untangle. Or you can built your own hardware.

Hardware totally depends upon your network size and the application that you will be running on it. I have installed it for 50 Users in a PC with Atom Processor, 2GB RAM and 40GB HD. I never faced any issue.

I implemented this for one of my clients (Masaken Al Raha) for more than 10,000 users/devices. I installed it on HP Server with XEON 8 Core, 64GB RAM and 1TB HD.

If you study below table you will understand the calculation for Untangle Hardware Requirements easily.

Below Table has specs that will help you to understand the

Hardware Recommendations Table

ResourceProcessorMemoryHard DriveNotes
minimum spec1 core2 GB10 GBPlatform only – no apps installed
1-50 devices2 cores4 GB40 GB
51-150 devices4 cores880 GB
151-500 devices4 or more cores16160 GB
501-1500 devices4 or more cores16250 GB
1501-5000 devices6 or more cores32500 GB

Full Article on Untangle Firewall is available here

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