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TOP 10 Free Travel Applications

TOP 10 Free Travel Applications

You can add these applications to your blackberry, iPhone or Android phone if you are travelling frequently.
Business people who travel frequently normally says I travel a lot I am out of town for once or twice a month. Right now the things has changed instead of having gadgets for all your needs like, GPS Navigation System, Digital Camera, Video Cam, MP3 Player, Laptop and so on, now today you can have only one mobile phone e.g your Nokia E72, Blackberry or iPhone or any other modern phone and can get benefits of all of Above. Following are top 10 Travel Application for mobile;

1. Google Maps

It is most useful application it tells you were you are and you can mark your destination so between two marks it will give you complete map, you can even share your current location with your friends and family member. e.g. if you are going for a meeting and you are travelling by road and your colleague wants to know your location so from that location that can get your estimated time of arrival, this facility in google maps is called Google Latitude.

2. Triplt

Travel Management is made easy with this application you can keep the record of everything like flight confirmation number, hotel confirmation numbers. I prefer it because it is extremely good at parsing the confirmation emails. It has application for almost all latest mobile phones and even simple phones can give more information.

3. Kayak

This application can help you in searching the flights, hotels, car rentals, it searches efficiently using meta-search engine and gives you fare of both travel agents and airline site itself.

4. SitoOrSquat

It is a crowd-sourced bathroom locator that can take you a step beyond the old mainstay of hotel lobbies in the most cities around the world

5. WeatherBug

lot of mobile weather applications are there but weatherBug it gives really a solid experience it can also be integrated with your contact list,  moreover,  you can tap on map to see what is weather in which location.

6. TripCase

this is again related to flights but it gives flight status, delays etc and even suggests the alternate flights can have all your flight details in this and can get updated one.

7. Google SMS

You are not having always connected data plans e.g. it is working in the country you are into but it may not work in other country may be you don’t have roaming enabled or even if you have may be that Mobile operator of other country is not providing data plan. so what you if you want to search something. its easy you can type any search items and can send SMS to 46645 that is GOOGL, and you will get back the search result.

8. Priceline Hotel Negotiator

Not available in all locations but esp in US and Canada it last time booking for super cheap rates.

9. Yelp

Yelp is looking user-review sites especially for restaurants in major cities around the world and their mobile app is an excellent way to search for places to eat. Help app is available for Blackberry and iPhone but other phone owners can just go to

10. JWire Wi-Fi Finder

This application is very popular and is available for iPhone Only, people normally don’t care when they travel abroad, if they have post paid plan of data they still use with confidence in other country but when they come back to their country and get the bill……. imagine what will happen
for those who really want to connect to internet they first need to turn off data package when the are in other country and turn on this application, this application lets the iPhone to know there next public wifi is.

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