How To Select The Best Satellite Internet Service Provider

Satellite internet is a great alternative to cable and DSL, but it can be hard to know which service provider is right for you. In this guide, you will learn some of the most important considerations when shopping for satellite Internet.


To get the most out of your satellite internet connection, you’ll want to make sure that the company has coverage in all of the areas you need it. Check whether they have coverage where you live as well as where work and school are located. If you plan on traveling at all during the year or if your family is like mine and likes to take mini-vacations throughout the summer, check that the provider has access wherever you might be going.


Speed is important. When you’re researching satellite internet service providers, the speed of their service will be a major factor in your decision. As per the DIRECTV STREAM’s professionals, “The speed of the connection between your home and the ground station will also play a role in how fast your internet is.” This means that it’s important to consider all three factors:

  • Speed of the satellite itself (remember, they’re moving!)
  • Speed of the connection from the ground station to the receiver/antenna at home or office
  • Speed of connection from receiver/antenna to computer


You’re primarily concerned with price, and to be frank, satellite internet is more expensive than DSL. It’s also more expensive than cable. That said, it’s not much more expensive than fiber. If you want an even cheaper option but still want great download speeds (and the flexibility of being able to use your data at home or away), mobile internet might be the best choice for you. Make sure that you look for the best satellite TV deals.

Mobile data can get pricey if you don’t pay attention to how much data you’re using every month as well as how much time passes between when your phone last had service — so if those two things aren’t important to you and you don’t mind being tethered to a router or wall outlet while accessing the web on the go, fixed wireless might be an option worth considering instead of mobile internet service providers like Ting or FreedomPop.

Other Services

A satellite internet service provider may offer additional services, such as equipment rentals, repair services or technical support. These services may be included in your monthly subscription price or offered at an additional cost. Be sure to understand the costs of these additional services so that you do not get billed for something that was not part of your original contract.

Other questions you should ask when selecting a satellite internet service provider include:

  • What is their average customer rating?
  • Will there be any hidden fees for modem rental or installation charges?
  • How long has this company been around?

Now that you know the basics of satellite internet service, it’s time to find an ISP. If you don’t already have a provider in mind, it can be challenging to pick one from among so many options. But with this guide, your path to choosing the best satellite internet service for your needs will be clearer than ever before!

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