10 Creative Ways to Use Offers and Discounts to Drive More Sales on your e-commerce store

Better prices sometimes mean lower prices right away. But, again, it’s a matter of perception of how WooCommerce name your price strategy works. It has a unique design that gives the impression that you are offering a better value without sacrificing your bottom line.

Whether running an online store or a dropshipping store, providing offers, discounts, and deals will help your store reach your revenue goals. 96% of consumers use coupons, and 92% always look for great deals when shopping.

Generally, most consumers are willing to buy a product if they see great value in it. We will now look at some of the most popular ways to use discounts to increase customer loyalty and conversion and, of course, how to use them effectively.

1. Free Shipping Promotion

It’s no secret that everyone loves free shipping. Additional shipping costs during checkout contribute to cart abandonment, also known as the Achilles’ heel of an e-commerce website. In addition to eliminating the price, many visitors may expect, free shopping can make the entire shopping experience easier.

Advertise free shipping with a visible tag or message on your product page. In this day and age of services like Amazon Prime, free shipping is almost a must for most things. Research shows that 73% of online shoppers say free shipping is what they want to see when shopping. In addition, two out of three consumers said they would buy more online if they knew they could return an item for free. But, of course, to offer these services for free, you have to get the pricing and business model right.

One thing to mention is that your company doesn’t have to absorb shipping costs; you can “hide” your shipping costs by adding them directly to the product’s price.

2. Promote Your Limited-Time Sale

Whether you’re doing a weekend sale or a discount code valid for 24 hours, the perfect timed popup can advertise your offer. You are limiting your website visitors to the right place at the right time.

If you’re running a real-time campaign, every second your visitors spend on your site counts. That’s why your popup should capture users’ attention and clearly explain the benefits to your customers.

3. Offer an exclusive insider’s view to subscribers

It’s no secret that many consumers love limited-time promotions. Discounts and promotions, in addition to the actual value of the offer, give the recipient a sense of ownership.

Clients who receive special promotions as members of an exclusive club will feel like they have earned their rewards and are more likely to appreciate your kindness.

Providing unique discounts and promotions also encourages new brands. If your non-subscribers know that following your page or joining your mailing list will benefit them, they are more likely to do so.

Returning visitors can be greeted with a special offer and a better shopping experience. Subscription marketing is a good example.

4. Create promotional campaigns for different social networks

For an e-commerce business, social networking is essential. You must have a profile on all social media platforms to increase traffic and sales to your online store. It also allows you to engage your audience, connect with influencers, and build brand awareness.

Each social network has advantages and disadvantages. For example, TikTok can be an excellent place to have famous people support and promote your products. However, there are many potential changes in Facebook and Instagram.

Understanding your customer’s habits on different social media can significantly impact your e-commerce success. A lot of marketing materials, audio and social media planning tools to help simplify your work and increase your eCommerce sales.

If you need to learn how to increase sales, this is the best option for you. The better you understand your customers, the better you can get their attention. A good experience will make customers return for your products again and again.

5. Run an influencer marketing campaign

Influencer marketing is an intelligent way to improve your online business online. This will help you reach new customers, build brand awareness, and collaborate with creatives who sell for you. Influencers are like internet celebrities who act as your brand ambassadors. You pay those who promote your products with free, cash, or discounts.

Influencer marketing is great for finding the right customers. How many times have you seen an Instagram post from an influencer, liked what they were wearing, and wanted to buy it? Promoting a product through influencers shortens the sales cycle. With plenty of social media on Instagram and TikTok, customers can buy directly from the platform.

6. Contests, sweepstakes, or giveaways

Contests capture the audience with curious and interactive elements, making them one of the most effective marketing strategies you can use. In addition, this is an excellent opportunity for you to show your products to a broad group of people, especially if you choose a winner according to the number of jobs they refer to through the provision of a social network.

7. Automatic Coupons

Coupon codes are great as long as your customer remembers to enter them at checkout. Unfortunately, when this happens, your store may call the customer to apply the discount after the order is confirmed. Or the customer cancels the order and starts over—another problem.

But with an automatic coupon, your customer knows they’re getting a discount by remembering to copy and paste the code. Just buy what they want, and your shopping cart will add a promo code for them. No regrets, just the deal they want and a great experience with your brand.

8. Offer Holiday Sales Discounts

Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Black Friday, New Year, etc., is always good time to offer a discount to your customers. Of course, you can extend to regular holidays, Hakunna, Moon Festivals, etc. There is a reported increase in sale during Holidays so, this need to be taken into account.

9. Discount Offers With a Countdown Timer

Do you want potential customers to jump on your discounts without delay? Add a discount period to your discount offer. This will not only delight your visitors but also encourage them to take immediate action. Countdown timers are known for creating the so-called FOMO effect – the fear of missing out.

FOMO is when you buy shoes because a friend bought them. You spend your last penny on a watch because you’re afraid it might sell out too quickly. Why not use that same fear/excitement to boost conversions with your discounts?

10. Create a money-back guarantee

Building trust and confidence in online buyer is essential. A money-back guarantee offer helps you to build that trust and shows you have quality products. However, there are potential risks correlated with refund policy. But you have to be courageous and take risks.

One way to protect yourself is to set a time limit for refund or exchange depending on the specifics of the product. You can also set special conditions for the validity of the contract. This is a great move for people wondering how to design their polices.


Giving customers discounts and other promotional offers is a marketing strategy introduced previously. However, it is a perfect plan.

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