Auto Refresh Chrome Extension Free

Auto refreshing any website in chrome browser or auto reloading web pages after frequent intervals is always what you are looking for.

You might need it for any purpose. Be it a digital signagage screen or a web page for monitoring the dynamic results on frequent intervals.

There are various tools , software and extension avaialble.

But I will not confuse you by listing all them down.

Only one extetion that will make your life easy. Yes the tool name is Easy Auto Referesh.

Installing Auto Refresh Chrome Extention for Free

The extension is by Dummy Software and Installing Auto Refresh Chrome extension is easy. Simply click this link and then Click Add extension to chrome.

The way you install other chrome extensions similarly you will install the same extnetion. Once Extention is added then you can configure it.

Go to Chrome and see its icon next to the address bar.

Click advance and chose the option and set the interval in time (seconds) minutes and so on.

You can also disable the extension.

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