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Wifi Password 192.168.l00.1, how to Change?

Wifi Password is in fact an Encryption key which means that data transmitted on wireless network is not visible to others. To secure wireless network there are other methods, but this post is for the home users to help them to secure wireless network.

How to reset Wifi Passwords

Step 1 : Login to Router

First you must open the browser or click below links because below are most common ip addresses of routers.

You can check the router password to login to the router most of router are having default passwords written on them, however you can try default password like (UserID : admin, password : admin) in some cases user id id root). At the time of installation you can always ask from telecome operator to provide you userID and password of router. If you don’t have one you can always check the model number of router and check for the default password one related brand website.

Step 2 : Locate for WLAN Configuration

One you have successfully logged in to the router, you can locate WLAN configuration or Wireless Setup, in most cases it will be available on left menu. E.g in case of Dlink below is explanation.

Dlink Wireless Password

TP Link Wireless Password

For TP Link here is the procedure to change the password

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