Why SEO? 4 Millions Post Published Each Day

Why SEO is important Today? To understand this you must know How Many Websites Are there as on Today ? And How Many articles or posts are published each day?

Currently there are 1.5 Billion websites as on Today when I am writing this article there will be other 4 Million Blog posts published on this date. Imagine the competition in Blogging and, if you are thinking of your career as Blogger then this article might help you.

SEO is complex. I don’t want to discourage you but let me tell you from my Experience.

Blogging as my career, but when I started my career as IT back in 1999, web designing was my passion.

It was a time when index.html page was written in notepad using different tags for title, background, heading, keywords, meta description, font, text size and so on. Writing CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) was interesting though it was time consuming at that time, but now Web Designing is totally changed since then.

Blogging Then and My experience

I started Blogging in 1999 my first website was amjid.cjb.net then later I used geocities by Yahoo. I registered my first personal domain aimypk.com using where I made a website in Microsoft FrontPage and published it on a Web Server in 2004. Later I started using blogspot.com in 2008 and started writing blog on Technology Stuff / Reviews / Tutorails etc. Which was just my passion.

While managing IT, it was important for me to have up to date information of technologies around. While leading the team, one must know what technologies are avaialbe. So I kept my knowledge up to date with all the changes in technology, and web technologies was one of them.

To continue, when CMS became a buzz and got popularity, I fall in love with it. I started learning Joomla from my subordinates and moved my personal website to Joomla. Thought of Drupal too but never tried.

why SEO CMS wordpress joomla dupral

In 2007 everyone started talking about WordPress, which became popular and I moved my personal website to WP and started blogging in 2009 again after 5 years gap. My concern was to share my knowledge and experience in form of blog post.

But due to busy work schedule I was not consistent in writing blog. I was passionate and I wrote some good articles, but didn’t focus much and lost all what I wrote.

I wrote few posts again in 2012, again didn’t focus much. But kept monitoring the advancement in web technologies and got hands on some innovating platforms. Now when I am writing this post in 2020 when Covid19 has turned world upside down, I have again decided to continue my passion by writing blog. But, I really see the concept is now totally changed. Blogging is more about living, about utilizing SEO skills, where getting the article ranked higher in Search Engine to earn $ as reward by using Ads, Affiliate Marketing , dropshipping or eCommerce.

Blogging: New Concepts and the SEO Factors

If one thinks of writing blog today he must think. Why to write the Blog? First you need to see these important facts.

yearNumber of Websites
20001.7 Million (approximate)
2010255 Million (approimate)
2020> 1.5 Billion
20306 Billion (Expected)

Today there are more than 1.5 billion websites and when I talk about blogging, in fact there are almost 4.4 million articles/posts  published every day. Each day 25 billion pages are read by almost 420 million people.

Now, imagine the competition and the ranking complexity. This is why SEO is important skills to develop. Because. there are many SEO Factors to rank higher on search engine specially on Google.

Your SEO Career: Simple Explanation for newbies

First Result is always from Wikipedia and then high authority domains, which means a Fresh Article might not rank at at all even after submitting URL to search engine.

For those who are thinking to start their career as blogger, you must re-think. Because, the competition is much more than you think. Just web Designing and the idea to write a blog is not sufficient today. Even if you write any article, who do you think will read your article?

Until you know what people want to read and what people search.

You need to then find your passion and the related niche. Then unique name of your website/brand.

The concept of having keyword in domain name may not influence in today’s search algorithm . So think of any unique name and get a domain.

You need to write for the people to read. When you Publish an Article, Google’s AI will read your article. Which means Google’s Algorithm will decide if the article is worth ranking in search engine for related keywords or not.

why seo AI is reading blog

Therefore, you need to consider if your concept is unique and if there are people to read it? this is where Keyword Research comes into place.

Whether you need to focus on Long-tail or short tail keywords, what are the unique keywords and what is the competition? You need to spend time on keyword research. Keyword doesn’t mean a word here, it can be phrase of words but in SEO Term it is called keyword. There are many keyword research tools.

Ranking Factors on Google

Now let us talk about the Ranking Factors. There are 200 ranking factors to get your article/post ranked on on Google search engine Today. I have seen people sometime focus on One or few factors only. But to rank better you need to focus on all the factors.

why SEO google ranking factors

You can know more about these ranking factors from various sources. But just to give you idea based on my knowledge these are few categories of raking factors ;

  • Domain Factors : There are many factors withing domain itself, it’s age, authority, history, WMD and man other factors.
  • Back-link Factors : Linking age, linking from .edu.gov and authority linking etc.
  • Search Engine Algorithm Rules Factors
  • Site Level Factors : Site Structure, Contact and About page, Site up time, SSL and so on.
  • Page Level Factors: Tags, Keywords, Article Quality, Length, Relevancy, grimmer, spelling, internet and external links and much more and so on.
  • Social Signals Factors: Popularity of your article and site on Social Medial
  • User Interaction: Bounce Rate, CTR, Direct traffic and more
  • Web-spam Factors : Ads annoying users

There is a full list of these all google ranking factors is avaialbe in another article here.

If you are thinking of writing blog to make money, you must consider this as full time career/job.

I am writing blog a passion, just to share my thoughts, knowledge, experience and Ideas. My purpose is not to rank higher in google. Therefore, I am not spending time on any ranking factor.

SEO as a Career for next Decade

For readers of this article, and specially the youth who are thinking to start blogging, affiliate marketing, eCommerce or any related web technology as business/career. Make sure you spend enough time to learn SEO.

More and more websites are being published today. Screen time is increasing and it is important to target specific people. Therefore, SEO is key. SEO Experts are needed to make the difference.

Source : NeilPatel https://neilpatel.com/

Just to understand basics of SEO you will need at least a Year, and by the time you understand how Search Engine Algorithm ranks your post, there might be new algorithms. Which means, you must keep your self up to date.

You must join the related groups, read articles and books, attend courses and seminars, meet subject matter experts and so on.

To conclude, my concern of writing this blog is not to discourage you, but to let you know the complexity of blogging and SEO today. Therefore, be focused and learn how to learn a new knowledge. Because in this innovative world, technology changes every day, you can’t limit yourself to what you learn today. Because tomorrow you will need to learn something new. But, be related, relevant and and focused.

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