What Makes Apex Legends A Hugely Popular Game?

Apex Legends is an enormously popular free-to-play video game. This multiplayer game utilizes a 1st-person shooter style which means a player experiences the game from the view of his preferred character. To play this game, every player should have an account, and players should choose only the relevant platforms so that they can play this game, keeping botheration at bay. And when they manage to have their verified accounts, they can start playing. In 2019, this massively popular game managed to garner a whopping seventy million players from all across the globe. 

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This massive player base signifies that not every player plays on even playing fields. Most often, casual players become perplexed with the game because they don’t find sufficient time to learn the controls. The highly experienced and skilled players eliminate them within moments of a round. And this steep learning curve seems to be discouraging, which is why they ask other players, “Can you cheat in Apex Legends?” Players prefer to use undetected and sophisticated hacks and cheat from various online sites that seem to be easily accessible to them.

The gameplay of Apex Legends

Apex Legends places Duos (two-player squads or Trios (three-player squads) into the Apex Games. This is the setting of a gladiator arena where players work to eliminate other squads so that they can survive. A player can get in a squad along with his friends to match with them. All players are required to play as Legends. A legend is a roster of pre-set characters that have different genders, backstories, sexual orientations, and ethnicities. Again every legend is also found with his skillset of some passive, ultimate, and tactical capabilities, and they determine the kind of asset a player will be. Hence, players should enhance their rankings within the game so that they can unlock all twenty-one characters.

When a team leaves the lobby and when the match begins, players get into a specific area and start looting. They look for an area so that they can get items that would assist in the progression of the game, such as armor and weapons. A battle-royale match contains sixty players who play in a team of either two or three based on the mode. A squad then moves across the map to avert the ring. This ring closes off some portions of the map until one squad forces into a particular area. Players who play this game aim to be the last alive squad. And this is why they eliminate other squads.

In Apex Legends, a squad communicates with each other utilizing voice chat, in-game Ping system, and text chat. The EA created this system that permitted players to interact in a non-verbal manner when they played. This system has been hugely praised as it has accessibility for deaf and non-verbal players. And some other games that, include Fortnite too, have embraced this system.

The platforms obtainable for Apex Legends

Apex Legends was released for PlayStation 4, MS Windows, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. The good thing is the mobile of this game too has been announced. Hence, players can play it on iOS and Android. They can also access the native version of this game on Xbox Series X, Series S, and PlayStation 5.

The systems of Apex Legends

Similar to other games, when players play Apex Legends, they get introduced to lots of systems. Every player should understand them well so that they can extract the most from them. When players want to know about the color of their ammo means, loot, or damage numbers, they ought to get around fast. They must also learn the ideal method of managing the items they have been carrying. And they should also check out the mandatory tips for the lowdown.

Where can you drop in Apex Legends?

Every player will find lots of spots where he can drop into. When players become aware of the ideal places where they can land, they can make a huge difference between stumbling straight and a mild warm-up. Players prefer to drop on World’s Edge and Kings Canyon so that they can grab some loot. They should also discover an early fight when that is their bag.

The characters of Apex Legends

If you play Apex Legends, you will get an option of 8 unique characters, and they all are used in a battle. The characters are:

  • Bangalore.
  • Pathfinder.
  • Bloodhound.
  • Wraith.
  • Caustic.
  • Mirage.
  • Lifeline.
  • Gibraltar.


Apex Legends seems to be a unique game as it features many rosters of characters, and they are called Legends. Every legend is found with its unique play styles and abilities. While playing this game, you can take your pick from various legends, and all of them have their own weaknesses and strengths. Sometimes, they work collaboratively in teams to turn into the last-standing squad. Players love to play this game as it lays stress on communication and teamwork, and when they play it, they work to strategize and coordinate their capabilities. This way, they can make several tactical decisions to outplay their opponents.

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