Tips & Ideas for Making Your Instructional Videos in 5 Easy Steps

Instructional videos have become an integral part of our lives, whether it’s online learning or the sales industry. They are the best source to educate people. Informational content is appreciated everywhere as it spreads awareness and attracts traffic to one’s website. Google prefers informative content and gives a better SEO ranking to the website.

However, making instructional videos can be a challenging task. Do you find it difficult to produce instructional videos for your website? If yes, then don’t need to worry anymore, because you have come to the perfect place. Today, we will discuss some easy tips and ideas for making your instructional videos in 5 easy steps. 

What are Instructional Videos?

Instructional videos are informational short or long videos that explain a concept or a process in simple step-by-step instructions, even for beginners who are trying anything for the first time. Instructional videos are beneficial in every field of life, whether it is cooking, driving, e-learning, or advertising. They usually have instructions with graphics, animations, and voiceovers.

However, making an instructional video has become much easier with the advancement of text-to-speech online tools. On4t’s AI voice generator can be the best voice for your video. You just need to provide an On4t TTS tool with the script. It will generate realistic text-to-speech voices for your instructional video that you can post on your website.

Benefits of Instructional Videos

Instructional videos give you the following benefits.

  • They give a user better engagement with content and enhance user experience.
  • Instructional videos can easily be used in digital marketing and invite more sales.
  • Making these videos benefits the consumer and the brand owner by building trust and generating revenue.
  • Google prefers educational and informational content, which gives them a better SEO ranking. 
  • It is a cost-effective and more influential process. 

5 Easy Steps for Making Instructional Videos 

Creating an instructional video can seem challenging, but it can be fun and easy with the right tools and tips. Follow these 5 simple steps to become a pro at making instructional videos and enjoy their benefits.

  1. Choose the Video Style

There are different types of instructional videos, like tutorials, explainer videos, presentation videos, etc. Choose the best one according to your business goal and present your information uniquely and engagingly. Tutorials are a great way to educate the audience about using a specific product or mastering a new skill.

  1. Define the Concept 

It’s crucial to lay out your video’s concept in a distinctive theme to produce an engaging video. Be brief and direct in your speech. Divide the subject into different sections, going from easy to complex, understandably. You should keep your goal and target audience in mind while choosing the concept of your video.

  1. Prepare Script and Record Video 

Writing an engaging script is the foundation of creating an instructional video because it will keep your viewer hooked and watching your content. After writing the script, focus on the voiceover and recording. Keep practicing the script, and while recording, narrate the script in an engaging way for the audience. Don’t talk too fast or too slow if you want your viewer to remember the message of your content.

  1. Edit Video

Depending on your expertise in video editing, choose the appropriate tool like On4t text-to-speech online tool to edit your instructional video. Cut out the unnecessary parts and make it concise, short, and to the point. With a text-to-voice generator, you should add effects, relevant music, catchy transitions, and subtitles to reach a wider audience that is non-native. 

  1. Share Video 

After making a video, sharing is the most influential step in ensuring that your message reaches the intended audience. Post the video on your website and promote it on social media because they are rich platforms with massive audiences. Create short clips and post them on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube as Reels and Shorts.


Google prefers informational content, which gives them a better ranking. If you want your website to flourish and generate revenue, then you must try making instructional videos. They are more engaging, informative, and catchy for the audience. We discussed 5 easy tips and ideas for making your instructional videos in easy steps. In the end, we recommend the easiest steps for creating instructional videos using text-to-speech online tools because this is the best method that fulfills your needs.

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