Microsoft 365 Email: 5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs It

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In the digital era, it’s imperative for business owners to leverage essential tools for success. This is especially given the changing nature of the workplace, with teams often working in-sync across various locations using advanced platforms to communicate and make power moves.

One of these essential tools is Microsoft 365, a comprehensive productivity platform designed to help companies streamline their collaboration and efficiency. From its collaborative workspaces to its optimised communication, this platform is one that amplifies a team’s ability to work with the highest efficiency!

Let’s find out how below:

  1. It has a comprehensive tool suite

With its wide range of applications (which includes the fantastic Microsoft 365 business email), this platform accommodates companies across various industries and specific productivity requirements. You will receive all the classics, including Word Excel and PowerPoint, but you will also enjoy some newcomers like Sway, an app that allows team members to produce and share interactive presentations and reports.

  1. It offers advanced productivity

This awesome platform was made to optimise collaboration and productivity. To do so, it provides a range of first class tools that help team members work together with ease, including:

  • Teams: This streamlines teamwork with real-time document sharing and online meetings.
  • SharePoint: SharePoint allows you to easily manage and share your documents.
  • Planner: This awesome tool allows you to manage and organise your tasks and projects.
  • OneDrive: This optimises cloud storage for simplified file sharing.
  • Outlook: Makes calendar, email and task management simple through its combined platform.
  1. It has advanced security features

When you enlist Microsoft 365 combined with domain name registration you will receive outstanding security features that prioritise web and data protection. This is because data protection is a massive concern in the digital era, so you should expect the following security features to keep your company safe:

  • Threat detection: This system quickly detects and handles threats from sneaky cybercrime.
  • Data loss prevention: This helps stop the unwanted sharing of sensitive information.
  • Access management: This controls who can enter and handle your company data.
  • Encrypted email: This keeps all your email accounts safe from hacking.
  • Mobile device management: This secures your company’s data on all devices across your team (onsite and remote).

Not only do these awesome tools secure your data, they also help your company remain compliant with stringent Aussie digital standards.

  1. It is incredibly flexible

As a business owner, you will know just how flexible your company applications have to be when you need to amplify your operation. They should allow for comprehensive remote work, meaning your team can get things done from any location and on any device. This is imperative for modern business, where team members can work wherever there is a phone signal or WiFi.

Thankfully Microsoft 365 allows you to access your files whenever and wherever you need them. What’s more, its cloud technology allows for real-time synchronisation and collaboration, allowing teams to easily work together regardless of their location.

  1. It is incredibly scalable

Your company might expand with one big move and so you need a platform that is going to facilitate this journey to awesome online success. Microsoft 365 is the perfect platform for this as it is designed for scaling up or down, providing customised plans for differing company requirements, compliance tools for Aussie regulators, advanced security and more.

What’s more, it allows you to add or remove team members as the nature of your business changes, further cementing the fact that it is truly the best solution for companies looking to create outstanding online success!

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