windows 11

Windows 11: For better productivity and Collaboration

Amjid Ali

Windows 11 is about to release and I am so excited because Since Windows 10 there are many changes that ...

personalized settings windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10 : Personalized Settings

Amjid Ali

What makes your home your house? Is it the furnishings? The artwork? A couple of favourite collectibles organized on the ...

Windows 7 Updates

Windows 7 Updates ending Jan 14 2020

Amjid Ali

Microsoft is not going to present new malware signatures for Malware Protection in  Windows 7 in January 14 “No, your Windows 7 laptop will not be ...

Microsoft Windows 8

Microsoft Windows 8 : Let us see what will be new

Amjid Ali

Microsoft has annouced that there will be a new operating System soon. Since Widows 7 was launched in 2007. We ...

Microsoft Windows Evolution

Microsoft Windows Evolution 1985 till Now

Amjid Ali

Microsoft Started Operating System with DOS (Disk Operating System). Earlier versions of Windows were started with command line interface, we ...