Moodle the best Open Source Learning Management System (LMS) 2022

Moodle is the world’s most popular learning management system which is today used by millions of learners worldwide. Moodle is open-source and free. Today it is considered an LMS standard across the globe which is being used by Education Institutes (Universities, Colleges, Schools, Academies, Online Coaching Centers, Physical Coaching Centers, and so on) and at the same time by many organizations for their Internal LMS and KMS. Moodle gives freedom to learn because it is open source under the GPL license.

Why Moodle is Popular?

The platform is very rich that is why it became popular, but the major reason for its popularity is Covid19 Pendamic, where Education Institutes wanted to start online immediately without the wastage of time and without investing much in the Platform, they found that Moodle is a ready-made platform. So they adopted it immediately and within months Moodle became the de-facto LMS.

Moodle Platform

It is a customizable and trusted eLearning solution. It is a Web Application that can be deployed on any web server today. It is developed by the community, Moodle LMS is a web application whereas Moodle App is available on Appstore and Android Store which can be downloaded and used for free by simply connecting with your server without doing any setup.

Moodle Installation

Moodle can be installed in Any operating System and any platform. You can install it locally or on the cloud. I will be installing it on the panel which is a free Web Hosting Platform where I have already Configured LEMP. You can install it on LAMP Server or LEMP Server.

System Requirements for Moodle Installation

Server Totally depends upon the number of people accessing the courses (be it course creator, teacher, student, manager, employee, and so on) depending upon the size of your organization or education institute you need to plan your installation, however, the standard web server requirements for Moodle are as below;

  • 200 MB Installation Space (5GB Recommended Minimum)
  • 1GB RAM (8GB Recommended for Large Instalation)
  • LAMP (Storage for Database and Web)

There is various installations for up to 50,000 users and it works great without any issue, you can visit moodle forum for hardware requirements.

Moodle Installation aaPanel

I will be installing Moodle on the panel which is an open-source web Hosting platform. To configure aaPanel please visit the link here.

Prior to set up if you are using only on your local network, you may not need a domain. But if you want to use it on for public then you must have a domain. I have created a subdomain which will be the LMS platform for my students. You can register your domain on hostpole

Once you decide and register the domain then you can proceed with the installation.

Steps for the Installation

  1. Create Website in aaPanel
  2. Create Database in aaPanel
  3. Download Moodle from this link
  4. edit .user.ini file in root and add # in the start. as you might get error if you don’t do it.
  5. Run the wizard and start adding the extentions.
  6. Wizard will guide you with the PHP Settings

Themes for Moodle

Every new theme is a plugin, you can install a new theme first and then you can configure it.

How to Fix the Error?


Follow installation step # 4

Warning: is_readable(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/db/renamedclasses.php) is not within the allowed path(s)

Enable extensions : opcache and fileinfo

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