Magene C406 Bike Computer

Magene C406 Bike Computer is a Smart GPS Wireless Cycling Speedometer for Road Bike or Mountain Bike MTB Waterproof Bluetooth ANT+ Cadence Speed Bicycle Odometer


Magene C406 Discount Code : AMJIDC406

Magene C406 Specifications

Color : It has four color options, Red, Blue, Orange and Black

Screen Size : 2.5” Black and White 

Positioning : It has  4 satellite positioning system. (GPS, Bedou, Glonass and Galileo) which helps to track in challenging environments than just GPS.

Connectivity : It has dual protocols : Ant + and Bluetooth

WaterProof : It has an IPX6 rating for water Proof, if it raining outside you can use it 

Battery : It has Ultra Battery life aw with specifications of 3.7 Volts 100mAH and it takes 3 and half hours to charge the the battery fully and then you can have an Ensurance Ride of 30 hours. The standby time is more than half a year. 

Weight : Total Weight of Sensor is just 18 grams with Clamp 29 Grams

You can connect other peripherals like speedometer, power meter, heart band and pedal.

Storage Capacity is 8MB which is more than enough to store the ride and of course you will be uploading it at end of right so no worries.

Magene C406 Review and Tutorial

Here is Full review, Tutorial and test ride of Magene C406 Bike Computer

Magene C406 is best fit for you if you are only doing riding, then C406 Bike Computer is most reasonable device for you. You can buy Heart Rate sensor and My recommendation is H603 which works perfectly with this.

Magene S3+ Speed and cadence sensor are also optional, but I recommend cadence sensor because it helps to improve performance.

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