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Portable USB Power Supply

Portable USB Power Supply

Imagine you have a mobile and you are travelling or not able to charge it, and your battery finishes, then you will be disconnected, you will not have any connection with your friends, family and business, I can understand this because I faced the same problem many times, while using my Blackberry, battery finished, unfortunately I was not having car charger and then I thought there should be some backup system, then I found two type of gadgets

– Solar Universal Charger
– Portable USB Power Supply

Solar Universal Charger has a solar unit as mentioned below and can be connected to various mobile phone, laptops and other mp3 or mp4 players but reason is that to charge it you have to place this device in sunlight and still this technology is not popular

Portable USB Power Supply
This power supply is handy and can be used as keychain, you can charge it through and usb charger or laptop and then can keep it with you and whenever the power of your mobile goes down you can recharge it

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