How to design a unique logo for an IT company

Gone are the days when an image of a computer is enough to represent an IT company through a logo. Today, it is important to create a logo with a standout and creative design which will truly capture the essence of the company. To create that perfect logo, the following steps should be followed:

Brainstorm multiple drafts

During the first phase, it is helpful to brainstorm multiple drafts and take notes on all creative ideas that come to mind. Do not disregard any of these ideas as they may come in handy when finalizing the logo.

Sketch the logo design

It is helpful to sketch or put down ideas on paper in order to evaluate them more easily. Do not discard or erase sketches since every idea is valuable. If drawing is not your forte, you can use screenshots from online logo generator tools such as Turbologo. This can provide inspiration and serve as a base to create your unique design.

Choose your tools

You can utilize graphic design software such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop or Inkscape. Another option is to use online design tools such as Turbologo or logo ordering platforms like 99Designs. Utilize whichever tool works best for your skills or personal preference.

Create your unique logo

Once you have decided on your design, spend some time and create the logo, ensuring to pay attention to every detail. Once completed, test the logo.

Test your logo

It is important to obtain feedback from colleagues, friends, or clients to evaluate the effectiveness of the logo. The questions to ask include: what do they think of the logo? Do they like it? Take into account their responses and adjust the logo accordingly. However, be cautious with the feedback received from non-professionals since it may not be entirely accurate.

In conclusion, designing a logo for an IT company is no simple task. But with the proper approach and auxiliary tools such as the Turbologo, designing a unique and stand-out logo for your IT company is much easier. It serves as an attractive representation of your company, making it noticeable and distinguishes it in its industry.

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