Harnessing Technology for Online Business Success

If you are currently running an online business, you must stay vigilant on new and innovative ways of growing your company to new heights, making it more sustainable and attractive to both customers and future employees, as well as increasing efficiency wherever possible. 

Of course, this sounds incredibly obvious when you read it in this context, but it is too easy to fall into your comfort zone and allow your online business to tick along steadily – neither growing nor shrinking.

In fact, this is a position that most entrepreneurs find themselves in – plodding along, happy enough about their steady rate of income without ever considering the possibilities of growth. 

Although it might appear like nothing is wrong with this approach, when you delve beneath the surface, you will realize that this mindset is flawed. As an online business owner, you cannot allow your business to simply tick along, never innovating or expanding.

This is because the incredibly fierce levels of competition in the online space will eventually overwhelm your business and leave you floundering, unable to keep up with the rampant pace of development. 

To help you to innovate and find success with your online business, here are some useful ways to harness technological solutions:

Use cloud technology to increase security and agility.

Cloud technology is one of the most powerful forms of technology you need to harness if you want to see sustained success with your online business.


Well, because cloud computing – such as the products from Acumatica Cloud ERP – is one of the most flexible, multi-purpose, and downright useful solutions to integrate into your online business. 

Whether you want to use cloud-backed documents to collaborate with your colleagues, data storage platforms to keep your sensitive information away from the threat of cyber-attacks, or quickly share files with clients when onboarding them, you cannot ignore the power of the cloud.

Harness the power of automation 

In the world of business, leverage is arguably the most crucial term you should learn about. Essentially, leverage in business (ignoring the financial definition for a moment) means the exertion of force with minimal effort expended. 

Most commonly, this could mean hiring a team to double, triple, or 10x your output or building a powerful brand to attract clients all on its own. However, thanks to technology, you can now massively increase your levels of leverage by automating your internal processes.

For instance, you could automate customer service with a chatbot and AI caller or automate your outreach by sending automated emails to prospects. The possibilities are endless, and they are often far cheaper and more scalable than by using a human workforce.

Track data to improve your messaging and service

Finally, you can harness the power of technology to track your data, which can help you improve your brand messaging, client acquisition, and service delivery. For instance, you could install data tracking software on your website, which helps you work out what your customers are browsing for and buying, how long they spend on your site, and whether certain parts of the sales funnel are deterring them from buying from you. 

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