Angular Vs. Flutter for Web App Development Know Which One Is Best? 

Web applications are on the rise, thanks to several new forms like progressive web apps, single-page web applications, and so on. Developers mainly use multiple frameworks to develop these software platforms since the process combines front-end and back-end developments. For example, NodeJS handles the backend codes, while React Native is ideal for the front end. 

Out of all these frameworks that are in use across the world, the two most thriving and popular platforms are AngularJS and Flutter. These frameworks are known for their excellent library functions, code reusability support, easy-to-use interface, and several other reasons. As they come with excellent features, it isn’t easy to choose whether you want the next project to be developed on Flutter or AngularJS. 

Since choosing the wrong framework can lead to the doom of your web apps, we have drawn a parallel study between them. This guide explains the basics to help you decide if you need to hire an Angular developer or a Flutter professional. 

What is Flutter programming and its key features?

In 2011, Google developers came up with a new programming language named Dart. It is an object-oriented typescript language with bits of C++ concepts added to make it somewhat relevant to the existing programming languages used to develop web applications. To use this programming language, you need to learn more about Flutter.

Flutter is primarily known as a software development kit with UI elements that are used to develop native applications for Windows and MacOS. However, developers don’t have to work on multiple codes. Instead, professionals can quickly develop a single codebase for executing the web app across various platforms. 

Key features of Flutter

  1. Open-source platform: Flutter is an open-source platform in which developers from across the world can interact with each other and gain more knowledge. 
  2. Hot reloading: This is one of the prime features that set Flutter apart from all other programming languages. For example, developers can make instant changes to the UI and see the final result without having to release the codes into the production environment. 
  3. Widget collection: Flutter is known for the rich widget collection it has. Developers can easily use these components to add new features to the UI of the web application. These can be customized according to the requirements, which is one of the main reasons Flutter has gained so much love despite being a new platform. 
  4. Google firebase: Flutter is compatible with Google Firebase, with which developers can quickly build scalable web applications. It is an excellent backend platform where professionals don’t have to write the codes from scratch.

What are AngularJS and the key features of the framework?

Out of all the frameworks based on JavaScript, AngularJS is known to be the best one. It is used to develop the user interface of single-page web apps. The best part of this framework is the structured UI elements that will help the developers to build the code according to the requirements but not from scratch. 

AngularJS is based on typescript and helps transform the static HTML script into a dynamic one. Therefore, the app features can load faster and more efficiently, delivering consistent performance. 

Key features of AngularJS

  1. Model View Controller: Thanks to the integrated MVC architecture, you need to code separately for the model, application view, and controller module. The framework can merge all these three parts automatically and then display the functions. 
  2. Data model binding: This feature is unique to AngularJS, making it one of the most chosen frameworks based on JavaScript. It allows you to use a single codebase for the model and view layers of the web app. Therefore, it saves a lot of time and effort that you would have to implement in writing separate codes for these two sections. 
  3. Customization: With the help of AngularJS, you can easily customize several built-in components and use them according to the requirements of the web apps. Plus, there is no restriction in terms of customizable features. 
  4. Dependency injection: Through this method, one section of the app code can use the methods and functions of another part, provided the former part is dependent on the latter. 

Flutter VS AngularJS: Which one to choose?

Since both Flutter and AngularJS come with excellent features that are unique and offer more leverage to the developers, you need to decide on the framework based on your application requirement. For example, if you wish to use the UI kit, go for the software development kit of the Flutter framework. But if you want to develop the UI components and customize them, choose AngularJS. 


In this brief, we have shared the key features and details about Flutter and AngularJS. With these details, you can easily understand if you need to hire Angular developer or a Flutter developer. Ensure the chosen framework meets all your criteria and helps you launch an innovative application on the web browser. 

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