5 Online AI Tools to Improve Your Content for Ranking

The importance of ranking high on the SERPs can be adequately portrayed by the fact that only 0.78% of Google searchers click on a result from the second page. If your website is resting somewhere on the fifth or fourth page, it’s probably not going to get clicked on a lot.

Having good content on your website is necessary if you want it to rank high in the SERPs. ‘Good’ content, in this context, refers to the one that does not contain any sort of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors, is free from plagiarism and is also easily readable.

However, taking care of all this on your own can be a tad bit difficult. That is why we can use tools to make things a little easier.

In this post, that is basically what we’re going to be covering. We’re going to be looking at five online tools that can help you improve your content so that it makes your website rank higher up on the SERPs.

5 Online Tools That You Can Use for Improving Your Content

There are actually a lot of different facets that you have to work and focus on in order to make your content high-quality. In the list of tools below, we will try and mention the ones that you can use for basic and elementary purposes such as removing grammatical errors, checking plagiarism and so on.

1.      Grammar Check

One of the first steps that you have to take in order to improve the quality of your content is to remove all types of grammatical and spelling errors from it.

Grammar and spelling are some of the most basic factors that define the quality of any write-up. If the grammar and spelling are not on-point, then the content will look amateurish and it won’t be taken seriously by the online audience.

In order to make sure that there are no grammatical mistakes and errors in your content, you can use a grammar checker.

Even if you are a professional and seasoned writer, you should still check grammar in your content for grammatical errors using a free grammar checker. Everyone makes mistakes, and typographical errors are pretty common for writers.

There are several grammar checkers available online, and quite a few of them are worth. They have a simple enough functionality where you can enter your content, start the process and then fix the errors by clicking on them and selecting the right suggestions.

When selecting a grammar checker, you should try and pick one that:

  • is free to use;
  • does not have input limits;
  • does not miss spotting errors;
  • can support file uploads and downloads.

2.      Plagiarism Checker

Checking plagiarism in your content is also a very necessary and vital step that you have to take. If you are lax in this regard, your content could get published with a percentage of duplication in it, which could damage your site’s ranking in the SERPs.

Nowadays, it’s not very difficult to check plagiarism in a piece of content. You can simply use one of the many plagiarism checkers available online. However, although there are a lot of such tools available on the internet, not all of them provide reliable results. You have to be a little careful with your selection.

The best way to find a reliable plagiarism checker is to look for guides and listicles that talk about the “best plagiarism checkers” or “top plagiarism checkers”. In these types of articles, you can usually find some good recommendations.

The following are some features that should exist in a plagiarism-checking tool:

  • It should be free to use
  • It should have multiple options and methods for importing files
  • It should provide the results in detail (exact percentage of copied and unique material, duplicated sentences etc.)
  • It should list the sources from where the content is copied
  • It should give an option for downloading the plagiarism report

3.      Paraphrasing Tool

Finding plagiarism in your content is well and good…but what are you supposed to do if the results come back showing that 20% of the text is copied from a source?

Plagiarism checkers can only help you as far as detecting plagiarism goes. After that, you have to take the necessary steps to remove it yourself.

Paraphrasing tools can be a great way to get some help in this process. Although there are other benefits and perks of using paraphrasing tools as well, removing plagiarism is something that they can be helpful for…in particular.

Although you should be careful when selecting any online tool, it is even more emphasized and important when you’re looking for a paraphraser.

A good paraphrasing tool works on an advanced AI-based algorithm that allows it to properly understand the context of the text and then paraphrase it. There are a lot of paraphrasing tools available online that just make random changes without paying any attention to the context and meaning.

When choosing a paraphrasing tool, you should try and pick one that:

  • has an intelligent working;
  • has multiple modes;
  • is free to use;
  • provides file uploads and downloads.

4.      Readability Checker

After removing grammatical errors and taking care of the plagiarism in your content, the next thing that you have to do is check the readability.

Having a low readability grade is recommended for online content such as website texts and blogs. The reason for this is that online content is usually read by all and sundry. In a broad audience, there can be some people with an average grasp of the English language whereas some can be ESL students.

Readability checkers are great tools that you can use for keeping your write-ups easy to understand. These tools essentially check your content for readability issues such as excessive passive voice, lack of transition words, excessive use of adverbs and so on.

Typically, a good readability checker should have the following features:

  • It should point out a decent number of readability issues
  • It should be free to use and should not require an account
  • It should have formatting and styling options in the provided text box

5.      Graphic Designing Tools

Contrary to what some people may think, improving content is not only about improving the quality of the writing itself. You also have to take some steps to make it (the content) look lively and engaging.

One easy, simple and popular way to make your content look engaging is to put images and graphics in it. By inserting relevant images and graphics in your write-up, you can add some color to it, and you also make it more valuable i.e., by helping the reader to understand the concept better.

There are a lot of different graphic designing tools that you can find on the internet. Some qualities and features that you can look for when choosing one are as follows:

  • The tool should provide multiple templates and preset drawings
  • The tool should provide clipart, symbols, signs, images and icons etc. from its own library
  • The tool should allow you to work on your own files
  •  The tool should allow you to upload and download files easily


If you are trying to improve the quality of your content for making your website rank higher on the SERPs, you can take the help of online tools to get a boost in the process.

There are different types of tools available online that you can use for this purpose. For one, you can use grammar checkers to remove grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors from your content. Similarly, you can use plagiarism checkers to make sure that your work is unique.

Every process during the writing phase i.e., researching, writing, and optimizing can be made a lot easy by using online tools.

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