Unleashing The Power of SoundCloud: How to Increase Your Plays with a Simple Purchase

SoundCloud is a music streaming platform and is one of the most popular platforms among its competitors. The platform offers both musical tracks and podcasts to its users. The platform has close to 175 million listeners and features approximately 200 million audio tracks. Owing to the vast number of artists on the platform, it becomes an arduous task to kickstart your career when you are a newbie. You need to create high-quality music, work on your marketing strategies, and have patience to get your first play. But do you know you can make this journey a lot easier if you invest in buying plays on SoundCloud?

This article will help you to understand how you can increase SoundCloud Plays. We will first discuss the importance of plays on SoundCloud and how making a simple purchase can bring a hike in your total play count.

What are Plays on SoundCloud?

Once a user clicks on the play button on a track, it is counted as one play for that artist. If you are logged in to your account while playing a track, plays will be counted in real-time. However, if you have not logged in, plays will be updated in 24 hours. Artists playing their own tracks do not count as a play. Plays reflect the number of listeners of a track and they cannot be deleted from the insights of a track.

Plays play an important role in building your brand image on SoundCloud. The more plays your track has, the more popular you will be on the platform. Let us find out how you can increase your play count using the paid method.

How to Increase SoundCloud Plays with a Simple Purchase?

A simple purchase of SoundCloud plays can boost your “plays” count on the platform. You can choose a website that offers SoundCloud plays but make sure to do a thorough background research of the website. Check out the reviews on their page and make sure to navigate through both positive and negative reviews. Also, you need to make sure that their payment methods are SSL encrypted.

We have discussed below how you can gain more plays on SoundCloud by making a one-time purchase.

1.  Act as a social proof

We all know that in this age selling something highly depends on its visibility. The same is true in the case of SoundCloud. Once you gain a number of plays by purchasing, you have social proof of popularity on the platform. New users who scroll through your tracks will see that your tracks already have a good number of plays and hence they will also play your tracks. So, buying plays can gain you more plays on the platform.

2.  Builds your track’s reputation

Once you buy SoundCloud plays, viewers will get curious about your tracks. This curiosity will drive them to give a chance to your track. This will lead your track to build a reputation for itself on the platform and your profile will also get popular in the process. People will see that your track is gaining a lot of “plays” and they can also help in making your track viral.

3.  Lure in listeners

If you buy plays on SoundCloud, your tracks will already feature a reputable number of plays on the platform. This will lure in more listeners to your profile and if they find your music enjoyable you will see a hike in your total play count. You can also gain listeners from other social media platforms that you are active on.

4.  Building brand image

You might create out-of-the-world music but what use is it if your tracks have zero plays? A lack of plays on your tracks can act as a barrier to building your brand image. Buying plays on SoundCloud helps you in creating a brand image as an artist. It will make people understand that your tracks are worth listening to and they will invest their time in playing your tracks.

5.  Catching the attention of record companies

Once you have created a brand name for yourself, you will catch the attention of famous record labels. They might offer you to sign a deal with them. You can also be offered to perform in exhibits or you might get booked for gigs. All this happens once you gain more than 100,000 plays on the platform. But how will you gain this number of plays on the platform if you are a newbie? We all know how difficult it is for a novice to gain their footing on any social media platform. This is where buying plays on SoundCloud helps you.

6.  Increased exposure

Once you pay for plays on SoundCloud, you have opened the doors for gaining more plays on the platform. You will be able to create a brand name for yourself. Record labels and successful companies will contact you to sign deals. More and more people will be following your account. All of this will help you to gain more exposure. You might be able to gain more followers from other social media platforms as well.

To conclude, investing in SoundCloud plays is a decision that can help you build a successful profile on the platform. You just need to not rely solely on it and keep on experimenting with your content. You need to give Buy Quality Likes a try if you are planning on investing in plays on SoundCloud. This is a well-curated social media tool with efficient customer support facilities. They have several package options according to your budget. This site is not a scam and you do not need to worry about losing your hard-earned money. They also offer likes and followers for other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. We have researched this site well and hence are recommending the same to our readers. So, go ahead and invest your money in SoundCloud plays and reap the benefits.

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