Sandisk Professional G-Drive 2TB to 20TB

Sandisk Professional G-Drive

Sandisk Profession G-Drive is one of the best storage for professionals. It is for pro grade storage to store any data. This product is very popular among the professional who use it for pro-grade applications like audio/video editing or digital photography.

The External Drives comes with various storage sizes from 2TB to 20TB or even more. The disk are durable by Sandisk and speed is 7200 rpm with data transfer speed of 300 MB/s by using the Thuderbolt, USB C Cable or USB 3.2 cable.

Whether you are using MAC OS or Windows, or even Android, you can use hassle free.

Sandisk Professional G-Drive Data Transfer Speed

G Drive will help you to transfer the data very fast HD photos of 4K Footages, all getting transferred at 230 MB/s read and write speed. With USB C you can transfer at 5 Gb/s.

Interconnect 5 G Drives using daisy chain

If you have multiple G Drives, you can connect them together using Daisy Chain method through thunderbolt cable..

Durable Enclosure

G Drive comes with Durable Aluminum Enclosure for better protection agains external harsh environment.

Ultrastar Enterprise Drive

Ultrastar 7200 rpm HDD is best for performance and read/write at better speed.

Time Machine Compatible

Sandisk Professional G-Drive is compatible with Apple’s Time Machine. The backup will be instant with this professional storage drive.

Where to Buy Sandisk Professional G Drive

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