Windows 8 – next Generation for Tablet and Traditional Desktops

Windows 8 is different from all previous versions and an improved interface, which a user needs today, due to apple’s iPad most of the users switched from PC/Laptops to iPad but because of limitations what they could do on pc couldn’t do on iPad Microsoft brought Windows 8 which fulfilled most of the requirements, Windows 8 on Slate with work as tablet and then on desk as desktop and on laps as laptop.
New kind of applications are there now to be downloaded by users same like appstore by apple and marketplace for andriod, using html5 and java scripts applications users will be more flexible to build websites and web applications.
To help the users who have habit of using earlier version of Windows  Legacy apps can, however, run side by side with the new Windows 8 apps.

I will update its more information very soon……


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