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Three Gadgets that people like me would like to buy

Three Gadgets that people like me would like to buy

I’ve been thinking about new gadgets I’d like to pick up next year, and for the first time since I can remember, a new PC didn’t make the list. For me, that’s unheard of.

A new PC has always been on the list. Whether I actually bought one is another story, but every year I watched as new models came on the market. Next year is no exception. Intel’s line of new chips, code-named Sandy Bridges, is the kind of thing I would once have been willing to empty my wallet for.

But recently I’ve been looking at my old computer. It’s seen better days. It’s on its third video card, its second power supply, and I have to take off the side panel every time I restart so I can push start the fan. The only thing I really use it for these days is surfing the internet, playing video games, and playing the videos on my TV. Long gone are the days when I actually needed a real processor.

It’s been probably three years since I’ve done any serious video rendering, and I don’t even remember the last time I had a compiler installed. It’s just getting to the point where I no longer need a PC, or at least not the latest and greatest, and the other gadgets on my list of things for 2011 have helped make the decision for me.

Smart Phone and tablet is my First choice

First is a tablet. After months of waiting around to see if the competition had anything better to offer (they don’t), I’ve decided to go with the iPad.

I also need a new phone. My Nokia E71 has been a real road warrior, but after three years, it’s beginning to look a little rough, so I’m looking at either an iPhone or an Android.

May be Netbook or may be Not

I also need a new netbook. My days of carrying around a six-kilogramme notebook are over. Intel’s new line of Atom processors combined with the Meego OS looks interesting, but if I can find a decent portable keyboard for the iPad, I may even pass on the netbook.

It has been years since I play games so, XBOX

Finally, I’m picking up an Xbox. No, it’s not because of the Kinect, but because I’m tired of waiting to see when — or if — the latest games will be released on a PC. Not the only one So, a new tablet, smart phone and game console. What do I need a new computer for? I’m not the only one thinking this way, either.

I am also thinking that PC Industry might crash in coming years, because these smart technologies are really replacing the traditional PC. Another concern is about cloud computing it is also going to effect the PC Industry.

We haven’t seen any improvements on the processors side and the major reason is that cloud has now better processing power than the PC needs.

Again my Question about Sandy Bridge remains a Question. May be if I start video editing and rendering again then I might need processing power but now now.

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