How to Increase XFS root partition

In this guide, you will learn how to increase the XFS root partition size in Linux operating system.

To extend an XFS filesystem in Linux without using LVM, you can use the xfs_growfs command. This command is used to resize an XFS filesystem online (without unmounting it).

I have used use this on Oracle Linux 8.5 on my Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Before you begin you must use the below command to check the partition details in your Linux server

sudo lsblk

First you will need to grow the partition. For example, your disk is sda and your partition is 3. so use the following command

sudo growpart /dev/sda 3

Now you will need to grow the root partition of xfs file system. In my case file system is XFS and root partition is / so I will use below command.

sudo xfs_growfs /

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