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The most useful feature of Garmin Wearable : GPX File

The most useful feature of Garmin Wearable : GPX File

Smart Wearable Tech has become very common among athletes, specially those who  love outdoor sports and use GPS based sports wearable.

Hiking, Running, Swimming and Cycling are very common activities and in fact most of sports wearable are demanded by them thus created for them.

These wearable has solved various problems specially when running, cycling, walking, swimming or hiking a course it becomes some times very difficult to navigate the course. But fortunately, technology has provided solution.

If you have any GPS watch you can navigate your outdoor activity using GPX File.

For example, if you are running a Marathon or a cycling race, or if you want to swim a straight line in open water then you must read this article and watch the video below.

Using Garmin Watch to Navigate the Course

First you download the GPX file, in your computer and open garmin connect and import the file to your course.

Name the course and sent the course to device.

Then Navigate the course the moment you are in GPS range your watch will direct you to the course.

Here is video tutorial which will guide you step by step;

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